DIY: Fabulous Fringe


This fringing is the easiest thing to do but it looks so awesome and can make a plain jumper (Aussie for sweater) look a million dollars. It is good for both summer and winter weight sweaters. This fringing took more than an hour but not much longer. It was relaxing to do and we love the finished product. The jumper is a very inexpensive cotton jumper from Target. You can use the same technique to add a fringe around the bottom hem of a jumper or on a pillow, a cushion, a tablecloth. It is very versatile.



1 jumper


Cotton or acrylic yarn for the fringe

Large upholstery needle


1. Cut about twenty pieces of yarn to begin with.  Ours are about 20cm long to begin with.

2. Thread a piece of yarn onto the needle by doubling it over. Do it this way so you can remove the needle easily.


3. Starting right near the armpit of the jumper, push the needle through from the back to the front, just above the bottom seam of the jumper arm.  Obviously this jumper is easy to do because of the large holes it has.


4. Once the needle is through, remove it.


5. Open the thread into a larger loop, then push the ends of the yarn through the it.


6. Pull the threads down and tight. This secures them onto the jumper.


7. Repeat these steps along the bottom of both jumper sleeves.


8. When the yarn has been attached down the both sleeves, you are ready to start knotting, To knot start with the second thread. Tie the second thread and the third thread with a knot, a few centimetres under the sleeve. Continue knotting down the whole sleeve, the threads which are side by side until you reach the end. Repeat this step for the next sleeve.


9. To complete the second row of knotting take the first piece of yarn and tie it to the second. Continue this until you have done a second line of knots along both arms.


We hope you like the completed jumper. We love it and are envisaging evenings at the beach wearing it, maybe with a glass of wine, after a swim watching the sun disappear over the Indian Ocean. If you like, Please Pin It and if you like us then Like Us on Facebook and tell your mates. Join us for a few last minute NYE cocktails recipes and fun in the next few days.



Colour Burst Necklace – More Ideas…

fabric necklace11

fabric necklace9

Our Colour Burst necklaces are now complete, along with embellishments and we love them. If you missed our tutorial to make these necklaces it is here. So excited to give these as Christmas presents. We wanted them to be colourful and happy and gorgeous but also be casual enough to wear to the beach with a pair of bikinis or to the shops to do the groceries. Basically, to fit in with our beach, outdoor lifestyle they had to be perfect for a BBQ. And they are.

We embellished them with crystals, leather tassels, shells, curtain tassels that we pulled apart and altered and these really cute little charms. We just hung them onto the necklace using a large silver split ring.





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How To: Antler Christmas Card (+ Template)


We made some Christmas cards today and thought of this lovely little Reinder antler idea. This card is quite easy to make. A trick to cutting it out really well is to make sure that your Stanley knife is really sharp, replace the blade if it’s blunt. It is also much safer to work with a sharper knife. When you are working around the image, move the paper as you go and follow one line, don’t start from different points or it will look scrappy.


antlercard11 piece of white or off-white card stock

1 Stanley Knife

1 pencil

1 ruler

1 Reindeer Antler Template


1. Save the image below and print it out from your computer.  You may need to increase its size on a photocopier, depending on how big you would like your cards.
antler template

2. Measure and cut the card to the size you desire, using a ruler and a Stanley knife.


3. Fold the card in half.


4. Open the card up again. Place the Antler Template onto the mid-line of the card, with the antlers facing upwards. Take a pencil and draw over the top of the template so that the card becomes imprinted with the antler design. You could also print your antlers onto the card, but this way no lines show up and the card remains white).


5. Using your Stanley knife, cut carefully along the line, moving the card as you go.  Cut slowly.  This part will take about 20 minutes if you want to do it well.

6. Pop the antlers out of the card.  At this stage you may need to carefully use the knife to go over any points which are not completely cut out.



Fold your card in the middle and you’re finished. Simple, white and beautiful. If you like, you could write on the front cover. We chose not to because we love the minimalist look.

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How To: Wrap a Gift (Perfectly)


There are several ways to wrap a present… and this way produces a perfect wrap.  We love it.  So here is the first of our Christmas Wrapping Series.


Wrapping Paper

Sticky Tape




1. Place the present onto the wrapping paper and cut as much as you need.


2. Place present onto the paper and lift the two edges of the paper up, in the middle.


2. Fold the edges under two times.


3. Smooth this fold down. in the middle of the present.


4.  Tuck the sides into the middle on one end of the present.  There is no need for tape in this middle fold.


5.  Take this end and make one fold in the end to hide the raw edge then fold it over onto the same side as the middle fold on the present.

6. Place one piece of tape on the end.

7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for the other end.


8. Place your present, right side up on the table and tie a simple ribbon bow around it.


And it’s a wrap!  Join us for more of our Wrapping Series in the next few weeks.  Meanwhile for more Christmas ideas, check out our Little Birdie Advent Calendar, Felted WreathAngel Wings (perfect for a nativity), and our Christmas Starters.

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How To: Dior-Inspired Double-Sided Earrings


Dior is leading the way with their beautiful and double-sided earrings.  These earrings are the perfect mix of edgy and chic.  We love the fact that we now have several pairs of double-sided earrings like these.  We love these as much as our Crystal Earrings.


When we make something it needs to be able to last and be wearable. After a few days’ of thinking, we came up with a fail safe way of making these earrings.  These earrings are comfortable to wear, will not fall out and will last you for this season and the next… or until we are no longer wearing such bold earrings decorations.

We have used a drill to secure these which means that they will not break or move.  When you are making jewellery or crafting, a Dremmel drill is an amazing tool to invest in.  If you don’t have one, another option is to buy rubber earring backs and glue these into the hole of the larger beads.  This should work but may not be as secure as using a drill.



2 large plastic beads (light to hold)

2 Black bead stud earrings

2 Butterfly earring backs

1 Dremmel drill with drill piece

Sticky dots or Blutack

Safety Gear:  Safety Goggles, Mouth cover


1. Stick one of the large beads to your work bench with sticky dots or Blutack.


2. Using your drill, start in the bead’s centre hole and enlarge the hole to both sides by drilling it. Start on one side then, drill the other side of the hole.  Make the hole big enough for the earring back to fit in it.

diorearrings33. Your hole is big enough when the earring back slips easily the bead.

4. Place a small amount of superglue onto your skewer and then into the hole on the bead.


5. Press the earring back into the hole of the bead, butterfly part first.  Press it down, then leave it to dry. Repeat the above steps to make your second earring.

Push your black bead studs into your ears and the larger bead is now the earring back.  These earrings can also be made in using pearls, or other beads.  The best beads to use are the lightest weight plastic beads you can find.

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How To: Felted Christmas Wreath


This wreath requires very little skill to make, yet it looks beautiful when finished and will last for many Christmases to come.  For us, Christmas is always a mix of new decorations and ideas, and the comfortable return of handmade goods from years past, the reminder of good times and the comfort of continuity.

This project can be scraps of felt from other craft projects or from old woollen jumpers (sweaters to the Americans).  Make sure that your jumpers are 100% wool so they will felt properly.  These jumpers can be easily thrifted.  This is our second Christmas post for 2013.  Our first, Little Birdie Advent Calendar, can be found here.  And there are many more coming in time to make them for this year.


1 piece of thick, pliable wire (make it round and measure how big you want your wreath)

1 pair plyers

Woollen jumpers in different colours

Washing machine + towels


1 piece of wired ribbon

Fishing wire or hook to hang

1.  Firstly, if you haven’t felted your jumpers, you’ll need to.  This takes a bit of time but can be easily done on a weekend day, as it requires very little of your time and attention.

How to Machine-Felt 

Place your woollen sweaters into the washing machine.  Place a few pairs of jeans in with them.  Place your washing machine on the hottest setting, with a cold rinse.  This will shrink and felt the jumpers.   Repeat this process until all of the knitting stitches have been matted and the jumper has shrunk to about half of its original size.

2. Take your felted jumpers and cut them into 2″/5cm strips, then into squares.  Cut about 50 squares to begin with.
fw103. Measure and cut your wire to the desired length.

4. Thread the felted squares onto the wire.  You could either vary the colours or do different blocks of the same colour.
fw95. Continue threading the felt onto the wire, making sure that you balance the colours.

6. Using your pliers, bend the ends of the wire.


7. Interlock the bent ends of the wire together to join them.  Shape the wire into a circle.  Push the felt towards the join, so that it can’t be seen.


8. Find the spot directly opposite the join on the wreath.  Tie a length of fishing wire to the wreath to hand it with.

fw19. Tie a piece of ribbon to the bottom of the bow, where the join is.  This will completely cover it.

Hang your wreath on the front door or in the lounge room for Christmas.  We hope this brings you and your family years of Christmas joy.  If you like this, hover over our photos and Pin them.  If you like us, Like us on Facebook and tell your mates.  We have more Christmas articles and tutorials coming soon.fw2

How To: Red Cherries Necklace


We were brainstorming for ideas for easy Christmas gifts to make, when we started talking about what reminds us of Christmas in Western Australia.  All of the images of Christmas come from the Northern Hemisphere, like Santa himself.  These images are completely foreign to us, although we use them.

In the South, our Christmas is very different.  Friends from abroad have spoken about feeling very strange spending their first Christmas in Western Australia.  Here are our main differences…..  Our Christmas is sweltering, 40 degrees Celcius, chocolate-melting, sun-burning hot!  Most Perth people spend some time at the beach on Christmas for a dip in our stunning ocean or to hang out with friends or family.  Many spend Christmas evening in the ocean or playing cricket on the sand.  Our main meal is often a BBQ as it is often too hot to cook indoors.  We don’t have fir trees, snow, warm clothes, reindeer, sleds.  Instead we have Gum trees, white beach sand, bikinis and snakes in the sand dunes (yes, we do).

Another thing we remembered about our Christmas was cherries.   Cherry season is in December.  Cherries are so delicious and their red and green is very Christmassy.  So for a simple gift, we decided to make a Red Cherries Necklace.  It was so easy and so inexpensive.  We will be making several of these for presents to give to friends and family members.



1 pair flat-nosed pliers

1 pair round-nosed pliers

2 green glass dagger beads

2 round glass beads, one larger than the other

2 silver flat end pins

1 silver split ring

1 silver necklace



1. Cut the top end from both pins, leaving one shorter than the other.

Cherrynecklace32. Place the red beads onto the pins.

3. Using the round-nosed pliers, make a loop on the top of each pin (as in photo below).

4. Using your flat-nosed pliers, open the split ring to the side.

5. Stack split ring like this: 1 green dagger, 1 cherry, 1 cherry, 1 green dagger.

6. Using your flat-nosed pliers close the split ring so that it is securely shut.

7. Place your cherries onto a silver necklace.

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How To: Little Birdie Advent Calendar

birdieadventTITLEThis is one of our favourite advent calendar tutorials that we have made and it’s our first Christmas tutorial for 2013.  These little birds are so whimsical and sweet.  We have used a sewing machine to construct them, but glue could also be used to adhere the two bird side to each other.

These birds are easy to make all at once.  They are a little fiddly but the end result is worth it.  This little craft can be a good way to use up scraps of paper and ribbon.  This calendar would also look great made out of brown paper or using a black and white colour scheme.  This is a post from the former ohc, so there is no template provided.  Google “little birdie template” as I have found some on there.



1 Birdie template (cut out 48 times)

1 Wing template

1 Beak template

Scissors, Pencil, Black Marker

Paper Scraps

Ribbon scraps


Sewing machine and thread/ Glue


1. Trace the Birdie template and cut out 48 birdie shapes from your paper.

2. Trace the wing template and beak template and cut out 24 of each shape from your paper.

birdieadvent73. Cut 24 small pieces of ribbon, long enough to hang your birdies up.

4. Construct your assembly line.  Place in piles:  2 Birdie shapes, 1 wings, 1 ribbon, 1 beak piece, lolly or message to go inside.  Make these into little piles, making sure that no two pieces are the same.

birdieadvent25.  Place two Birdie pieces together (right sides facing out) Fold a ribbon piece in half and tuck between the bird pieces at the top, tuck the beak piece into the face side of the Birdie.

6. Start to sew around the Birdie (using a straight stitch) leaving a very small seam allowance. Make sure that you sew over the beak and over the ribbon., then leave a hole that is big enough for your lollies/message.  You can also glue the birds together at this stage instead of sewing.

7. Stuff the Birdie with the lollies/messages and then sew over the hole until you have sewn around the whole Birdie.  Repeat steps 5,6,7 for all of the birds.

8. Write numbers 1 – 24 on the wings with a black marker.

9. Glue the wings onto the Birdies.

10.  Hang the Little Birdie Advent Calendar up on suspended string.

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Spooky (Last Minute) Halloween Inspiration


Here are our last minute Halloween ideas, to create a stylish and spooky Halloween.  These are our top picks from the myriad of Halloween tutorials and ideas on the Internet.  And of course we included our two tutorials from this year.  Our spider web tutorial can be found here.  And our angel wings tutorial can be found here. Other links can be found below.




1ea64f35d25be349d3e334456fc47956 halloweeninspo6




Spider Web. Glass Shard + Blood CupcakesBlack Ravens. Gold Pumpkins. Blonde VampireZombie Girl. Grenadine Syringe DrinksDevil CupcakesAngel Wings.

How To: Angel Wings



This post is the first in our Halloween Tutorials Series.  We will be posting more Halloween tutorials for the next four weeks, to make costumes, decorations and food.  These tutorials are also useful for dress-up parties through the year.  These angel wings also make lovely wall decorations when not being used as costumes.

These angel wings are lovely and otherwordly.   They are made from paper.  Their lightness makes them easy to attach to clothes to wear to a fancy dress party.



1 sheet white card

2 sheets silver tissue paper

Floristry wire

Craft/ PVA Glue


Wire cutters (or strong scissors)

Paint brush


1. Draw outline of wings onto the card and cut out.   We drew these freehand but you can easily Google ‘angel wings’, print them out and enlarge on a photocopier.


2. Using your cut out wings as a template, cut out two more sets of wings from the silver tissue paper.


3. Draw the v