Colour Burst Necklace – More Ideas…

fabric necklace11

fabric necklace9

Our Colour Burst necklaces are now complete, along with embellishments and we love them. If you missed our tutorial to make these necklaces it is here. So excited to give these as Christmas presents. We wanted them to be colourful and happy and gorgeous but also be casual enough to wear to the beach with a pair of bikinis or to the shops to do the groceries. Basically, to fit in with our beach, outdoor lifestyle they had to be perfect for a BBQ. And they are.

We embellished them with crystals, leather tassels, shells, curtain tassels that we pulled apart and altered and these really cute little charms. We just hung them onto the necklace using a large silver split ring.





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How To: Wrap a Gift (Perfectly)


There are several ways to wrap a present… and this way produces a perfect wrap.  We love it.  So here is the first of our Christmas Wrapping Series.


Wrapping Paper

Sticky Tape




1. Place the present onto the wrapping paper and cut as much as you need.


2. Place present onto the paper and lift the two edges of the paper up, in the middle.


2. Fold the edges under two times.


3. Smooth this fold down. in the middle of the present.


4.  Tuck the sides into the middle on one end of the present.  There is no need for tape in this middle fold.


5.  Take this end and make one fold in the end to hide the raw edge then fold it over onto the same side as the middle fold on the present.

6. Place one piece of tape on the end.

7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for the other end.


8. Place your present, right side up on the table and tie a simple ribbon bow around it.


And it’s a wrap!  Join us for more of our Wrapping Series in the next few weeks.  Meanwhile for more Christmas ideas, check out our Little Birdie Advent Calendar, Felted WreathAngel Wings (perfect for a nativity), and our Christmas Starters.

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