How To: Sparkly Baubles Christmas Cards


We made the Reindeer Antler Cards earlier in the season. But we ran out. We love giving out and sending handmade cards. Now, we need at least 20 more cards and have very little time left and a million things to do… What to do? We decided to just use what we had at home. Then in less than an hour and a half we made over twenty more cards that are ready to send this afternoon — well not quite, they still need to be written on.

These cards look great and are really easy and quick to make. Each card takes about five minutes or less… And they look like they would take a lot longer which is great.



A4 Watercolour paper (we used a whole book, guillotined every page in half)

Ecoline Inks in Blue/Green, Moss Green, Yellow Green and Gold

4 paintbrushes in different sizes (very small for the glue)

Mod Podge or Craft Glue

Multicoloured round acrylic rhinestones


1. Paint three dots on the card where you want the three points of the tree to be.  Paint these in the yellow green colour, using a pointed brush.

cc32. Roughly paint the Christmas tree shape between the three dots you have painted.


3. Using the larger brush, paint the darker green roughly onto the tree, leaving the yellow-green as an outline.


4. Take the big round brush and put a few splotches of blue-green onto the the tree.  This will really spread so do it sparingly and don’t put it too close to the edge of the tree.

5. Watch the Ink spread and the colours to gorgeously blend.  Wait for it to dry.


6. Place a dab of glue onto the rhinestones and stick them randomly onto each card.  It looks better if it’s not too uniform.  Place a rhinestone at the top of each card.


7. Use the gold ink, to paint a star at the top of each tree, if you like.



We hope you enjoy making beautiful Christmas cards. I know that friends and family love to receive them. I love receiving cards from people too. If you like this, then Pin It. In the next few days we will have more Christmas tutorials coming, mainly for food and drinks.


How To: Antler Christmas Card (+ Template)


We made some Christmas cards today and thought of this lovely little Reinder antler idea. This card is quite easy to make. A trick to cutting it out really well is to make sure that your Stanley knife is really sharp, replace the blade if it’s blunt. It is also much safer to work with a sharper knife. When you are working around the image, move the paper as you go and follow one line, don’t start from different points or it will look scrappy.


antlercard11 piece of white or off-white card stock

1 Stanley Knife

1 pencil

1 ruler

1 Reindeer Antler Template


1. Save the image below and print it out from your computer.  You may need to increase its size on a photocopier, depending on how big you would like your cards.
antler template

2. Measure and cut the card to the size you desire, using a ruler and a Stanley knife.


3. Fold the card in half.


4. Open the card up again. Place the Antler Template onto the mid-line of the card, with the antlers facing upwards. Take a pencil and draw over the top of the template so that the card becomes imprinted with the antler design. You could also print your antlers onto the card, but this way no lines show up and the card remains white).


5. Using your Stanley knife, cut carefully along the line, moving the card as you go.  Cut slowly.  This part will take about 20 minutes if you want to do it well.

6. Pop the antlers out of the card.  At this stage you may need to carefully use the knife to go over any points which are not completely cut out.



Fold your card in the middle and you’re finished. Simple, white and beautiful. If you like, you could write on the front cover. We chose not to because we love the minimalist look.

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How To: Diamond Embroidered Notebook


We love these notebooks and plan to make lots like them for presents for birthdays and Christmas.  The possibilities are endless….  we have thought of making these with handbags, hats, question marks and many more.


Artist’s Notebook (without lines).  We used an artist’s notebook with a black plastic cover and just turned it back to front.  If you are doing this check to make sure that the cardboard back cover doesn’t have a hard-to-remove price tag on the back.


Pencil, scissors

Drill (we used a Dremel drill)

Thick embroidery thread

Large needle


1. Draw a cut out a diamond template.  We made ours by folding and cutting it.  It is also easy to Google “diamond clipart” and choose from the clipart available.  Print it out and use a photocopier to make it the size you want it.

2. Place your diamond template onto the notebook cover and mark the corners, by placing a dot with a pen.  The remove the template and draw on the rest of the dots or mark them through the template.


3. Open the cover of your notebook and place it onto a wooden surface or surface that can be marked.   Using a small drill piece, carefully drill holes in the cardboard where you have made the dots.  Please make sure that you use correct safety gear, particularly eye goggles.



4. Measure embroidery thread and thread your needle.  Give yourself more thread than you think you will need.


5. Take the thread from the inside cover to the outside of the notebook.  Using a backstitch work your way around the diamond.  A backstitch means that you go through the back of the notebook and then work backwards around the template.


This is what it may look like from the back.  It will not be as perfect as the front but it looks fine.


6. When you have stitched all of the template, secure the threads on the inside cover with a simple knot and cut the end.

Now you have your beautiful notebook, ready to use.  If you like, pin it and if you like our site, like us on Facebook.  Thanks


How To: Angel Wings



This post is the first in our Halloween Tutorials Series.  We will be posting more Halloween tutorials for the next four weeks, to make costumes, decorations and food.  These tutorials are also useful for dress-up parties through the year.  These angel wings also make lovely wall decorations when not being used as costumes.

These angel wings are lovely and otherwordly.   They are made from paper.  Their lightness makes them easy to attach to clothes to wear to a fancy dress party.



1 sheet white card

2 sheets silver tissue paper

Floristry wire

Craft/ PVA Glue


Wire cutters (or strong scissors)

Paint brush


1. Draw outline of wings onto the card and cut out.   We drew these freehand but you can easily Google ‘angel wings’, print them out and enlarge on a photocopier.


2. Using your cut out wings as a template, cut out two more sets of wings from the silver tissue paper.


3. Draw the veins onto one side of the  wings with a pencil. Make the lines curved and sweeping downwards.  At the bottom the veins can be sweeping outwards.


4. Turn the paper over and apply glue to it this side.  Carefully stick the tissue paper to this side.  This will become the underside of the wings

5. Turn your wings over to the side with the veins. Paint glue onto each of the veins.

6. Wait a few minutes until the glue has become tacky.  Bend and cut the floristry wire to the same size and shape as the veins and stick them onto the glue.


7. Wait for the veins to stick down properly onto the wings.  Apply glue to the whole side of the card and stick down the silver tissue onto it.


8, Paint glue onto the wings and sprinkle the silver and gold glitter onto the wings.  We painted glue into the middle, coming outwards and up the veins of the wings.


8. Score the middle of the wings.

9. Bend the wings so that they sit facing outwards.  The florist wire allows you to sculpt the paper.

angelwings1210. Attach the angel wings to your clothes.  This can be done in a number of ways. You can use safety pins.  We used Velcro. We lightly tacked Velcro onto the back of the dress and then stuck Velcro onto the middle part of the wings.  This holds perfectly because the wings are so light and breezy.



How To: Butterfly Wall Decoration

butterfly wall decoration4

Here is a brand new tutorial for the new OHC (we’re still excited to be back, it feels like coming home). We’ve been hard at work with lots of material to bring you. We love these butterflies for their simplicity and beauty. We love the way that the light falls on them and make shadows on the wall. These are easy to do, but the butterflies take a little time to cut out. Enlist the help of friends or family to make it easier.

butterfly wall decoration3

butterfly wall decoration8


Large Butterfly template (there are a lot available on the internet or draw it freehand)

Small Butterfly template

White paper

Small scissors

Double sided tape (also used for scrapbooking)

butterfly wall decoration5


1. Find one or two butterfly outlines on the internet, print out two sizes.

2. Make two templates by cutting out the butterflies.

3. Trace onto the card using the stencils to cut out as many butterflies as you like — more than 20 looks good.

4. Carefully cut out the butterflies using tiny scissors.

butterfly wall decoration7

5. Bend the butterflies twice in the middle to create a body for them.

6. Cut small pieces of double-sided tape and stick it to the underside of the belly of all the butterflies.

7. Peel the other side of the tape and stick the butterflies to the wall.

8. Stick them in a pattern that is swooping. You may want to stick them with Blutack at first until you like the arrangement. Stick the butterflies flying in generally the same directions but with some variation in the angles.

butterfly wall decoration2

Voila, a very inexpensive and effective decoration for your bedroom or loungeroom wall. They also look lovely in little girls’ room and could be made from coloured paper.

How To: Heart Paper Garland Tutorial

This is a blast from the past, back from the original OHC site, made in 2007. We still love sewing paper and have made many paper garlands sewing them like in this way. This is a very quick way to decorate for a party, a holiday or a wedding. Enjoy sewing these very elegant garlands.



Heart Template
Different papers in complimentary or contrasting papers
Sewing machine, threaded
Baking paper



1. Trace the heart template twenty times onto different pieces of paper.

2. Cut out the heart templates from the paper.


3. Tear off a strip of baking paper, then tear that in half  lengthwise so as not to waste paper.

4. Start sewing at the top of the baking paper. Sew in a straight line for about 15cm/6in.

5. Place a heart on the baking paper and sew through the centre of it.

6. Continue sewing on the baking paper for another 15cm/6in.  Then place another heart on the baking paper and sew through it.  Repeat this to sew all the stars onto the baking paper in a chain.


7. When all the hearts are sewn onto the baking paper, hold the baking paper and carefully rip it away from each heart until you are left with the garland.


Drape your garland on a wall or a door or even around the Christmas tree.