Colour Burst Necklace – More Ideas…

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fabric necklace9

Our Colour Burst necklaces are now complete, along with embellishments and we love them. If you missed our tutorial to make these necklaces it is here. So excited to give these as Christmas presents. We wanted them to be colourful and happy and gorgeous but also be casual enough to wear to the beach with a pair of bikinis or to the shops to do the groceries. Basically, to fit in with our beach, outdoor lifestyle they had to be perfect for a BBQ. And they are.

We embellished them with crystals, leather tassels, shells, curtain tassels that we pulled apart and altered and these really cute little charms. We just hung them onto the necklace using a large silver split ring.





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How To: Red Cherries Necklace


We were brainstorming for ideas for easy Christmas gifts to make, when we started talking about what reminds us of Christmas in Western Australia.  All of the images of Christmas come from the Northern Hemisphere, like Santa himself.  These images are completely foreign to us, although we use them.

In the South, our Christmas is very different.  Friends from abroad have spoken about feeling very strange spending their first Christmas in Western Australia.  Here are our main differences…..  Our Christmas is sweltering, 40 degrees Celcius, chocolate-melting, sun-burning hot!  Most Perth people spend some time at the beach on Christmas for a dip in our stunning ocean or to hang out with friends or family.  Many spend Christmas evening in the ocean or playing cricket on the sand.  Our main meal is often a BBQ as it is often too hot to cook indoors.  We don’t have fir trees, snow, warm clothes, reindeer, sleds.  Instead we have Gum trees, white beach sand, bikinis and snakes in the sand dunes (yes, we do).

Another thing we remembered about our Christmas was cherries.   Cherry season is in December.  Cherries are so delicious and their red and green is very Christmassy.  So for a simple gift, we decided to make a Red Cherries Necklace.  It was so easy and so inexpensive.  We will be making several of these for presents to give to friends and family members.



1 pair flat-nosed pliers

1 pair round-nosed pliers

2 green glass dagger beads

2 round glass beads, one larger than the other

2 silver flat end pins

1 silver split ring

1 silver necklace



1. Cut the top end from both pins, leaving one shorter than the other.

Cherrynecklace32. Place the red beads onto the pins.

3. Using the round-nosed pliers, make a loop on the top of each pin (as in photo below).

4. Using your flat-nosed pliers, open the split ring to the side.

5. Stack split ring like this: 1 green dagger, 1 cherry, 1 cherry, 1 green dagger.

6. Using your flat-nosed pliers close the split ring so that it is securely shut.

7. Place your cherries onto a silver necklace.

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How To: Tassel, Bone & Diamante Necklace


We love this gorgeous necklace.  It is casual enough for a beach lifestyle and can be dressed up.  It is adjustable and can be made shorter or longer to suit your outfit.  When we choose what to make, we need to make sure that it fits our outdoor, beachy lifestyle.  And this does.   Tassels are gorgeous and there will be more tassel jewellery coming soon.  For another jewellery idea check out our rope and pearl necklace tutorial.

This necklace is simple to make and would make a lovely gift for a birthday or Christmas.  It is simple to make, partly because it doesn’t use a clasp.

bonenecklace16Materials + Toolsbonenecklace1

1 pair flat-nosed pliers

1 pair round-nosed pliers

1 pair wire cutters

4 eye pins

1.2m silver chain

8 silver filled beads

8 Swarovski diamonte rondelles

1 faceted stone (hole in centre)

3 bone cylinders

Thick cotton embroidery thread

1 jewellery cap

1 small piece of silver wire (or you can cut an eyepin for this)


1. Stack first eyepin.  Filler bead, then rondelle, then stone, then rondelle, then filler bead (as in photo below).


2. Cut the eyepin with your wire cutters to a thumb-width above the end of the stack. Use your round-nosed pliers to make a loop on the top.  Open the loop and attach the two ends of your chain, then close it.  You now have a pendant dangling from the end of your chain.


3. Stack your 3 bone cylinders onto 3 eyepins.  First stack the filler bead, then rondelle, then rondelle, then filler bead.


4. Cut the eyepins with your wire cutters to a thumb-width above the end of the stack.  Use your round-nosed pliers and make a loop on each.  Both ends now have loops.


5. Open a loop on the end of the bone stack and attach it to your chain a small way up from the stone.  Close the loop to attach it.  Open the chain on the other side and attach it in the same way.


6. Attach all of the bones in the same way, the same distance apart.  You may have to play around with the distances until you find one you like.  Our bones are placed 5cm apart from each other.  The necklace part is now complete.


7. To make the tassel, take the thread and wrap it several time around your fingers.


8. Take a piece of wire and wrap it around the thread, then wrap one end of the wire around the other piece of wire.  Using your flat-nosed pliers to do this will make it easier.


9. Push the wire through the cap.  Cut in a thumb-width above the cap and make a loop using your round-nosed pliers.

10. Using your flat-nosed pliers, pen the loop on top of the tassel and join it to the loop on the bottom of the gemstone.  Close the loop.


11. Hang your completed necklace around your neck and knot the wire chain at the back so that it hangs to the desired length.


A photo of our beautiful local beach on the day we made the necklace.  Looking forward to summer.


How To: Pearl and Rope Necklace


This lovely necklace is a great mix of glam and everyday, with the pearls and rope.   It was quick to make and not a lot of fuss at all.  If you aren’t using pearl beads you could you any other large beads.

We were very inspired by the 2013 Chanel Spring/Summer Collection with its gorgeous chunky pearl necklaces and bracelets.

Chanel 2013

But… living where we do it is just not the sort of thing we would wear a lot.   So we made a necklace that is more everyday and wearable.



Cord Rope

Flat-nosed pliers

Round-nosed pliers

Wire cutters

Chain (about 20cm/6inch or less)

2 End caps

7 Large Swarovski Pearl Beads

7 Eye pins

Fabric Scissors

Sticky Tape

Needle and White Thread

1 Lobster Clasp

2 Jump Rings



1.  Cut the cord to the desired length leaving an inch or two extra.  Secure both ends, wrapping them with pieces of sticky tape to avoid fraying.

2. Take your eyepins and push a pearl onto each one.

3. Using your round-nosed pliers, bend each eyepin back on itself about 1cm/1/2 inch along the eyepin from the bead (as in two photos below).



4.  Starting at the middle point of your cord, place one of the pearl over it and then using your flat-nosed pliers, twist the end around the wire, under the cord (as in photo below).  This is possibly the most time consuming part.


5.   Continue wrapping the looped pearls over the cord, making sure to space them evenly (as in 2 photos below).



6. Thread your needle and tie a knot.  Push the needle from the back of the cord to  the front about an inch from the beginning of the row of pearls..


7. Sew the chain onto the cord, using a simple up and down stitch.  Stitch on one side of the chain and then the next.  This chain covers the wire loops.

8. Finish sewing your chain onto the cord, an inch past row of pearls.


9. Cut the ends of the cord to the exact length.

10. Glue the end caps into place using a strong glue.  Hold each end in place for a few minutes after gluing.

11. Open a jump ring and attach it and the lobster claw to the loop of the end cap.  To open a jump ring correctly, take your flat-nosed pliers and open it the side.  Close it to the side again so the metal is not distorted.

12. Open another jump ring and attach it to the remaining loop of the end cap.  Close it.


13.  Leave the necklace overnight before wearing it, so that the glue dries properly.

This necklace would look fantastic paired with a blue/white striped shirt or any t-shirt and a pair of jeans.  Of course, this necklace would also look fabulous for a night out on the town worn with an LBD.