Recipe: Baby Roma Tomato & Bocconcino Christmas Starters


To begin our Christmas food tutorials we thought we would start with one of our longtime favourite starters.  These little Santa-like food structures are so easy to make and make a gorgeous minimalist statement.  And most importantly, they are delicious to eat!


Mini Bocconino balls (a delicious little cheese ball)

Mini Roma tomatoes

Fresh mint leaves (or basil)


Olive oil



1. Carefully slice the bottoms of the tomatoes, trying to make them as level as possible.  We use a Japanese ceramic knife which makes life a lot easier when slicing.


2. Turn the tomatoes and slice of the other side so that they are now shaped like little barrels, keeping them as level as you can.


3. Using the other end of a spoon, de-seed the tomatoes.


4.  Wash the mint leaves and push one mint leaf into the centre of each tomato.

christmasentree65. Place a mini bocconcino on top of each tomato.  They will just be perched on top but will stay quite well.

6. Display on a white platter.   Crack some pepper on top and drizzle Olive oil over the top.

Hand them around to your guests who will love them.   Check out our other Christmas tutorials, we have a Birdie Advent Calendar, Star + Cane Advent Calendar, Felted Wreath and plenty more coming in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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