How To: Star and Cane Advent Calendar

Star and Cane Advent Calendar

This advent calendar was made on our weekend spent in the forest down south of Perth, Western Australia.   Walking through the forest I had the idea of using some of the sticks on the ground.  And, this little beauty was the end result.  There is nearly three weeks and this calendar is very easy to make and inexpensive also. If you missed our first advent calendar, here is our Little Birdie Advent Calendar.

This star would also just make a lovely Christmas decoration or a wreath for the front door for the holiday season.

adventcalendar14 adventcalendarMaterials

5 sticks (all the same size)

Red twine or string

24 Candy Canes Mini

Silver number stickers

24 Craft Pegs

Washi Tape




1. Cut 10 pieces of string, all the same length.


2. Cut your sticks to the same length and place them into a five-pointed star.


3. Tie the sticks together with a double knot at the five inside joins.

4. Tie the sticks together at the pointed ends with a double knot.  Now, your star will be secure.


5.  Take the loose ends of string at one join and wrap them a few times around the joint to make it more secure.  Finish at the back of the star with a double knot.  Repeat this for all ten joins.

6. Cut the ends of all the pieces of string to make them look neat.


7. Cover the pegs in washi tape.  This is done easily by unrolling the washi tape, stick side up and stick the pegs onto the tape.


8. Cut the washi tape in between the pegs.  Fold the sides of the washi tape onto the pegs until one side of the peg is covered in washi tape.


9. Stick the silver number stickers from 1 – 24 onto the canes.

10.  Fold the can bag over the branches of the stars and secure with the pegs.  Do all 24.

Hang the star to the wall and let the children enjoy!

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