Spring Picnics


This post is a blast from the past for OHC (from 2010)…..  Everybody loves a spring picnic and outdoors is the perfect setting for a springfood gathering.

Tips for a Wonderful Spring Picnic:

  • No fuss.  Whole foods are so easy to take. Keep it simple.
  • Edible flowers are a perfect addition to any picnic.
  • Our rolls are filled with ……  fetta cheese, baby tomatoes, edible flowers, semi sundried tomatoes, dressing.
  • Chocolate is great for spring,  chocolate in summer in Australia melts.  By Christmas chocolate melts in five minutes.
  • Backpacks are perfect for picnics on a bike.
  • Bring a lightweight blanket for your picnic.  Less carrying + less fuss = more fun.

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