How To: Red Cherries Necklace


We were brainstorming for ideas for easy Christmas gifts to make, when we started talking about what reminds us of Christmas in Western Australia.  All of the images of Christmas come from the Northern Hemisphere, like Santa himself.  These images are completely foreign to us, although we use them.

In the South, our Christmas is very different.  Friends from abroad have spoken about feeling very strange spending their first Christmas in Western Australia.  Here are our main differences…..  Our Christmas is sweltering, 40 degrees Celcius, chocolate-melting, sun-burning hot!  Most Perth people spend some time at the beach on Christmas for a dip in our stunning ocean or to hang out with friends or family.  Many spend Christmas evening in the ocean or playing cricket on the sand.  Our main meal is often a BBQ as it is often too hot to cook indoors.  We don’t have fir trees, snow, warm clothes, reindeer, sleds.  Instead we have Gum trees, white beach sand, bikinis and snakes in the sand dunes (yes, we do).

Another thing we remembered about our Christmas was cherries.   Cherry season is in December.  Cherries are so delicious and their red and green is very Christmassy.  So for a simple gift, we decided to make a Red Cherries Necklace.  It was so easy and so inexpensive.  We will be making several of these for presents to give to friends and family members.



1 pair flat-nosed pliers

1 pair round-nosed pliers

2 green glass dagger beads

2 round glass beads, one larger than the other

2 silver flat end pins

1 silver split ring

1 silver necklace



1. Cut the top end from both pins, leaving one shorter than the other.

Cherrynecklace32. Place the red beads onto the pins.

3. Using the round-nosed pliers, make a loop on the top of each pin (as in photo below).

4. Using your flat-nosed pliers, open the split ring to the side.

5. Stack split ring like this: 1 green dagger, 1 cherry, 1 cherry, 1 green dagger.

6. Using your flat-nosed pliers close the split ring so that it is securely shut.

7. Place your cherries onto a silver necklace.

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