How To: Paris T-shirt


We are really looking forward to our January holiday to Paris. We have seen some gorgeous simple Paris tshirts around the Net and thought it would be really easy to recreate one. And it is. This tutorial should only take a small amount of time to complete, but there are a few tricks to making it look good. After all, everything produced is about the finish.


1 tshirt (ours is a $14 tee from Target + the stripes make it easy to align the letters)

Iron-on varsity letters (Paris) (These are available at Fabric stores or on-line)



Needle and Black thread

Iron and cloth (teatowel)

paristshirt1 paristshirt2


1. Measure the middle of neck of your tshirt and place a pin to mark it.


2. Try on your t-shirt and mark the line where you would like the letters to sit on with a pin.   It is important to try it as it will suit each person differently according to your bustline, etc.


3. Place the “R” onto the tshirt first.  To do this find your pin which shows you where the middle of the neckline is and pin the middle of the “R” onto the middle of the tshirt, and onto the parallel line you have chosen.


4. Working outwards from the “R”, place the other letters onto the tshirt, making sure that the spaces are the same.  Use a ruler to do this if it is easier.

5. Cover the letters with an old tea towel or other cloth. turn the iron up to the Cotton setting (or follow the instructions on the letter packaging) and spend a few minutes ironing them until they are stuck to the tshirt.


6. (This step is optional but it may be necessary as we find that after one wash most varsity letters fall off, all or part of the way.)  Thread your needle with black thread and using a single thread sew around each letter with a simple stitch (up and down).  On the letters we used there is a groove on the outside which makes it easy to sew them down.


And, there is your simple, perfect Paris tshirt which should withstand washing and ironing for a long time.  Time for the beach.  If you like this, please Pin It and if you like One Hour Craft, like us on Facebook and pass the word onto your friends.  Thanks.

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