How To: Orange Power Cleaner (All Natural)


In the past two years, we have tried to get rid of all the chemical products in our homes and replace them with natural, eco-friendlier and organic products.  This has not been difficult as I grew up in a home with a mum who never liked chemicals.

This cleaner is really easy to make and can be made even with older oranges, like these.  It is very quick to put together and then takes two weeks to ‘brew’.  In that time all it needs is a little shake every now and then.  This cleaner is great for cleaning ovens, bench tips.  The orange oil in it helps to remover the grime.  Once you are in the habit of taking your lemon, orange, lime peels and just throwing them into a waiting mason jar, this process is really easy to continue, ensuring that you have cleaner for your needs and maybe some as gifts.


1 Mason Jar with Lid

Cleaning Vinegar (available at any supermarket with the cleaning products)

5 or 6 oranges



Spray bottle (for finished product)



1. Cut your oranges in half.

orangecleaner22. Squeeze the oranges to make orange juice…. and then drink it.

3. Chop the orange rinds into smaller pieces and stack them in the mason jar.


orangecleaner64. Cover the jar with cleaning vinegar and seal it with the lid.  Give the liquid a quick shake and leave it on a shelf in the pantry or another handy spot, for two weeks.  Give the jar a quick shake once in a while.

5. After two weeks, strain the liquid into a spray bottle and get cleaning.  You can leave the rinds in the mason jar and just pour vinegar over the top again or start with fresh rinds.

When we use this our home smells like fresh oranges.  Please join us here again as this is the first post of many more eco-friendly tutorials for the home, the body and the face.  If you like this Pin It, and if you Like us, like us on Facebook.  Thanks.