How To: Little Birdie Advent Calendar

birdieadventTITLEThis is one of our favourite advent calendar tutorials that we have made and it’s our first Christmas tutorial for 2013.  These little birds are so whimsical and sweet.  We have used a sewing machine to construct them, but glue could also be used to adhere the two bird side to each other.

These birds are easy to make all at once.  They are a little fiddly but the end result is worth it.  This little craft can be a good way to use up scraps of paper and ribbon.  This calendar would also look great made out of brown paper or using a black and white colour scheme.  This is a post from the former ohc, so there is no template provided.  Google “little birdie template” as I have found some on there.



1 Birdie template (cut out 48 times)

1 Wing template

1 Beak template

Scissors, Pencil, Black Marker

Paper Scraps

Ribbon scraps


Sewing machine and thread/ Glue


1. Trace the Birdie template and cut out 48 birdie shapes from your paper.

2. Trace the wing template and beak template and cut out 24 of each shape from your paper.

birdieadvent73. Cut 24 small pieces of ribbon, long enough to hang your birdies up.

4. Construct your assembly line.  Place in piles:  2 Birdie shapes, 1 wings, 1 ribbon, 1 beak piece, lolly or message to go inside.  Make these into little piles, making sure that no two pieces are the same.

birdieadvent25.  Place two Birdie pieces together (right sides facing out) Fold a ribbon piece in half and tuck between the bird pieces at the top, tuck the beak piece into the face side of the Birdie.

6. Start to sew around the Birdie (using a straight stitch) leaving a very small seam allowance. Make sure that you sew over the beak and over the ribbon., then leave a hole that is big enough for your lollies/message.  You can also glue the birds together at this stage instead of sewing.

7. Stuff the Birdie with the lollies/messages and then sew over the hole until you have sewn around the whole Birdie.  Repeat steps 5,6,7 for all of the birds.

8. Write numbers 1 – 24 on the wings with a black marker.

9. Glue the wings onto the Birdies.

10.  Hang the Little Birdie Advent Calendar up on suspended string.

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