How To: Indonesian Satay Sauce


On our recent trip to Indonesia, we ate a LOT of satay.  It is the most wonderful nutty flavour, fresh with a little kick.  And so versatile,  it can be used to make Gado Gado, or used with chicken or beef and served with rice.  This recipe was constructed from ingredients given to me by our wonderful driver, Wyen,  while in Indonesia.  He gave us this recipe while sitting eating Nasi Goreng and sipping on coconut juice in a rural outdoor restaurant, set in the midst of green fields with rice growing.  Brown sugar has been used instead of the traditional palm sugar, because that it was what in the pantry.  Feel free to use palm sugar but please make sure it is ethically sourced.


2 cups fresh raw peanuts

Juice of 1 lime

1 Tbs brown sugar

1/4 tsp chilli flakes

2 Tbs Kecap Manis

2 Tbs Soya Sauce

1 cup water



1. Add all of the ingredients to your high speed blender.  Blend ingredients for about a minute on an average speed.  If you leave it for longer, all of the peanuts will become smooth.

2. Scoop out the sauce into a small bowl to serve.  This sauce also stores well in an airtight container.  It will keep for up to a month in the fridge.


3. Use this simple method to make beef satay.  Cut your beef into small cubes and place five or six of them onto a wooden skewer.  Marinate the skewers in the satay sauce and then cook on a bbq.  Serve the satay sauce with it as a dipping sauce.