How To: Elegant Crystal Earrings


This tutorial comes straight from our book, One Hour Craft.  To buy your copy head to Amazon or Book Depository now.

These beautiful earrings speak for themselves.  When making earrings it is very difficult to find long, elegant findings with minimal fuss and smooth lines.  The answer is to make your own earring wires.  It is very simple to do.  If you are  not used to using pliers or bending wire, buy a roll of silver-plated wire to practice with. Then when you are ready we recommend using sterling silver pins.


A pair of round-nosed pliers

A pair of flat-nosed pliers

Metal cutters

2 Silver or Gold Jewellery Pins (flat ended) Gauge 24 or higher

2 crystals of your choice.  For this project we chose flat crystals but you can also use round crystals

A small piece of sandpaper


1. Push a crystal onto the end of a jewellery pin.


2. Hold the crystal with the wire, parallel to the table, between your thumb and forefinger.  Bend the wire at a right angle to the bead.  If your wire is quite stiff you may need to use your pliers to do this.


3. Leave about 1cm/1/4 inch of straight wire, then using the large pliers, bend the wire back on itself.  Make sure that both wires are parallel to each other.  Leave a 1.5cm/3/4 inch length at the back of the wire and then cut the end from the wire.


4. Using the round pliers, gently bend the bottom tip of the wire outwards in a gentle slope.


5. Rip off a small piece of emery paper and gently sand the bottom tips of the earrings to take off any burrs or sharp edges.  This will only take a minute or so on each earring.

Now you have a simple pair of elegant crystal earrings, ready to be worn on a night out.