How To: Dior-Inspired Double-Sided Earrings


Dior is leading the way with their beautiful and double-sided earrings.  These earrings are the perfect mix of edgy and chic.  We love the fact that we now have several pairs of double-sided earrings like these.  We love these as much as our Crystal Earrings.


When we make something it needs to be able to last and be wearable. After a few days’ of thinking, we came up with a fail safe way of making these earrings.  These earrings are comfortable to wear, will not fall out and will last you for this season and the next… or until we are no longer wearing such bold earrings decorations.

We have used a drill to secure these which means that they will not break or move.  When you are making jewellery or crafting, a Dremmel drill is an amazing tool to invest in.  If you don’t have one, another option is to buy rubber earring backs and glue these into the hole of the larger beads.  This should work but may not be as secure as using a drill.



2 large plastic beads (light to hold)

2 Black bead stud earrings

2 Butterfly earring backs

1 Dremmel drill with drill piece

Sticky dots or Blutack

Safety Gear:  Safety Goggles, Mouth cover


1. Stick one of the large beads to your work bench with sticky dots or Blutack.


2. Using your drill, start in the bead’s centre hole and enlarge the hole to both sides by drilling it. Start on one side then, drill the other side of the hole.  Make the hole big enough for the earring back to fit in it.

diorearrings33. Your hole is big enough when the earring back slips easily the bead.

4. Place a small amount of superglue onto your skewer and then into the hole on the bead.


5. Press the earring back into the hole of the bead, butterfly part first.  Press it down, then leave it to dry. Repeat the above steps to make your second earring.

Push your black bead studs into your ears and the larger bead is now the earring back.  These earrings can also be made in using pearls, or other beads.  The best beads to use are the lightest weight plastic beads you can find.

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