How To: Felted Christmas Wreath


This wreath requires very little skill to make, yet it looks beautiful when finished and will last for many Christmases to come.  For us, Christmas is always a mix of new decorations and ideas, and the comfortable return of handmade goods from years past, the reminder of good times and the comfort of continuity.

This project can be scraps of felt from other craft projects or from old woollen jumpers (sweaters to the Americans).  Make sure that your jumpers are 100% wool so they will felt properly.  These jumpers can be easily thrifted.  This is our second Christmas post for 2013.  Our first, Little Birdie Advent Calendar, can be found here.  And there are many more coming in time to make them for this year.


1 piece of thick, pliable wire (make it round and measure how big you want your wreath)

1 pair plyers

Woollen jumpers in different colours

Washing machine + towels


1 piece of wired ribbon

Fishing wire or hook to hang

1.  Firstly, if you haven’t felted your jumpers, you’ll need to.  This takes a bit of time but can be easily done on a weekend day, as it requires very little of your time and attention.

How to Machine-Felt 

Place your woollen sweaters into the washing machine.  Place a few pairs of jeans in with them.  Place your washing machine on the hottest setting, with a cold rinse.  This will shrink and felt the jumpers.   Repeat this process until all of the knitting stitches have been matted and the jumper has shrunk to about half of its original size.

2. Take your felted jumpers and cut them into 2″/5cm strips, then into squares.  Cut about 50 squares to begin with.
fw103. Measure and cut your wire to the desired length.

4. Thread the felted squares onto the wire.  You could either vary the colours or do different blocks of the same colour.
fw95. Continue threading the felt onto the wire, making sure that you balance the colours.

6. Using your pliers, bend the ends of the wire.


7. Interlock the bent ends of the wire together to join them.  Shape the wire into a circle.  Push the felt towards the join, so that it can’t be seen.


8. Find the spot directly opposite the join on the wreath.  Tie a length of fishing wire to the wreath to hand it with.

fw19. Tie a piece of ribbon to the bottom of the bow, where the join is.  This will completely cover it.

Hang your wreath on the front door or in the lounge room for Christmas.  We hope this brings you and your family years of Christmas joy.  If you like this, hover over our photos and Pin them.  If you like us, Like us on Facebook and tell your mates.  We have more Christmas articles and tutorials coming soon.fw2