How To: Build a Simple Sandcastle

sc16sc19Summer is nearly here.  While we hear about freezing weather in Paris, our weather is beachy and already hot.  A good friend of mine said that “being happy is to be in love with what you already have”.  And we are.  Not a day goes by when friends and family don’t comment on how lucky we are to live by the Indian Ocean in all its windy glory, white sands and crashing waves.

We spend a lot of our lives at the beach, we listen to the waves pounding as we fall asleep at night, we visit at least once a day for a swim or a walk.  My daughter’s first dip in the ocean was as a five week old baby, held close to my chest.  I was approached by an English lady who basically asked me ‘what the hell are you doing?’ and I just said, ‘that’s what we do’.  Our children grow up as water babies,learning to swim as babies, going to the surf club on a Sunday morning, boogey boarding, surfing.

Building sandcastles is a favourite pastime and an activity often done on our afterschool beach visits.  So here’s a first for this blog.  You will learn how to build a very simple sandcastle, Aussie in flavour.  Clearly, it’s not a very serious craft, but will give your more insight into our lives in Western Australia.


The Ocean

White beach sand

Shells, stick and sunshine


1. Clear a patch of sand close to the shoreline.  Make it close enough so that the biggest waves will fill the moat.  Use the moist sand to build your castle, it clumps together well.


2.  Clump the sand together into a round mound on top of your foundation.  Pat it down as you go to compact it together.


3. Continue to pile up the sand and pat it down as you go, making the mound grow bigger and bigger. Make sure that the base becomes bigger and not just the sides so that it doesn’t topple.

sc54.  When your mound becomes large enough on the base, begin to scoop out a moat around it.  The sand you scoop out should be piled onto the mound to make it taller.  Continue to pat it as you go.

sc6sc7sc95. When your castle is complete, dig out a chanel that joins to the moat and travels to the ocean.  This will then fill your moat with water.


6. Decorate your castle with shells, seaweed and sticks.



Now you have finished, kick back on the sand and watch while the ocean fills the moat.

Wishing you sunny days, white sands, gorgeous waves to ride into the shore and many hours of sandcastle building.  If you like this, Pin It and if you like us Like Us on Facebook.  Stay tuned for more Australian posts in the future.