How To: Antler Christmas Card (+ Template)


We made some Christmas cards today and thought of this lovely little Reinder antler idea. This card is quite easy to make. A trick to cutting it out really well is to make sure that your Stanley knife is really sharp, replace the blade if it’s blunt. It is also much safer to work with a sharper knife. When you are working around the image, move the paper as you go and follow one line, don’t start from different points or it will look scrappy.


antlercard11 piece of white or off-white card stock

1 Stanley Knife

1 pencil

1 ruler

1 Reindeer Antler Template


1. Save the image below and print it out from your computer.  You may need to increase its size on a photocopier, depending on how big you would like your cards.
antler template

2. Measure and cut the card to the size you desire, using a ruler and a Stanley knife.


3. Fold the card in half.


4. Open the card up again. Place the Antler Template onto the mid-line of the card, with the antlers facing upwards. Take a pencil and draw over the top of the template so that the card becomes imprinted with the antler design. You could also print your antlers onto the card, but this way no lines show up and the card remains white).


5. Using your Stanley knife, cut carefully along the line, moving the card as you go.  Cut slowly.  This part will take about 20 minutes if you want to do it well.

6. Pop the antlers out of the card.  At this stage you may need to carefully use the knife to go over any points which are not completely cut out.



Fold your card in the middle and you’re finished. Simple, white and beautiful. If you like, you could write on the front cover. We chose not to because we love the minimalist look.

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