How To: Patchwork Jeans Inspired by Junya Watanabe




junyazerozeroWe love Junya Watanabe.  He started off his career designing for Comme des Garcons and then moved on to work on his own label.  His creations are fun, colourful, edgy and simply amazing. His 2013 Fall Collection was still inspired by his trademark biker leather jackets but he spent this season re-configuring denim.

These patchwork jeans inspired this tutorial. Before you begin, please note that the average sewer will take longer than an hour to make these.  We suggest setting aside two or three hours to make these. The time consuming part was balancing the colours to make them look fabulous. Sewing these is simple, and addictive. At OHC headquarters we will be making more. Maybe we will make some shorts for our upcoming summer.



1 pair boyfriend jeans

Dressmaking Scissors

Sewing machine, threaded

5 Assorted tartan fabric scraps

Iron-on interfacing

Baking paper



Method For Making Tartan Patches

1. Cut out five (or more) different sized square and rectangular pieces of baking paper.   We used our guillotine for this.  A ruler, pencil and scissors will work just the same.


2. Place the pieces onto the jeans until you are happy with the arrangement.  At this stage you may have to re-cut the pieces.  When placing them, some pieces should be at angle to each other.  Colours should be balanced.


3. Pin the patches onto the materials and cut them out, leaving a seam allowance

4. Cut out iron-on interfacing, using the pieces of baking paper again.  No seam allowance needed.

5.  Iron the iron-on interfacing onto the patches.

6. Cut off the corners of each fabric patch (as in the photo below).


7. Fold the fabric edges down (wrong sides facing) and iron down.


8. Arrange your completed patches onto the jeans in the desired pattern.


Method For Sewing Patches onto Jeans

1. Pin the patches onto the jeans in the desired pattern.

2.Turn the jeans inside out.

3. Unpick the outside seam (or whichever is the single seam so that it is easy to close again).  Only unpick the part where the patches will be sewn.

4. Turn the jeans right side out again.

5. Sew the patches onto the jeans using a straight stitch and pivoting the needle at each corner.  This takes time and it is best to go slowly so that the patches don’t buckle.  Sew the patch that will be on the bottom first, then the top layers.

6. Turn the jeans inside out again and sew both seams together using a straight stitch.  Two lines of sewing will make them stronger.

Voila, your gorgeous jeans.  If you like you can sew patches onto the back of the jeans in the same way.


Note:  Styling is important for wearing these jeans.  They look great with a statement belt, rolled at the bottom and finished with a gorgeous pair of pumps.

How To: Sew Sexy Ribbon Panties


Another blast from the past, 2007, that was two years after our site had started.  On the former OHC site, this panty tutorial was visited more than 200,000 times.  So we thought it would be a good idea to put it back up again. They are still as fun today as they were then.

These are very simple and easy to make…. They will take you less than an hour if you are already a seamstress.  If not, they should not take you more than about an hour.



Tshirt material (you could even use an old tshirt)

2m of underwear elastic (other elastic may cut off your circulation, underwear elastic is soft).


Dressmaking scissors

Sewing machine, threaded

An old pair of panties that fit you to draft a pattern from

Baking paper


1. Thread your sewing machine and set it to the broken zigzag stitch.


2. Take a pair of panties that fit you and draft a pattern (one piece as in the photo below) onto a piece of baking paper.

3. Pin your pattern onto the tshirt material and cut it out (no seam allowance is needed).

4. Cut out an extra piece of tshirt material in the shape of the crotch of the panties.

5. Pin the crotch piece onto the panty piece, wrong sides facing.  Sew the crotch piece onto the panty piece with two rows of zigzag stitching (as in the photo below).


6. Start at one corner and sew the underwear elastic onto the panty piece using the zigzag stitch.  Be careful not to pull the elastic tight, just hold it gently as you sew.


7. When you arrive at a corner, fold the elastic, pivot the needle and continue to sew.

8. Continue to sew until the elastic is sewn onto all edges of the panty piece.


9. Cut four pieces of ribbon and sew them with the machine onto each corner of the panties.

10. Tie ribbons into two bows.

11. If you would like to add the heart, cut out a heart shape and sew it to the outside of the crotch of the panties.


These panties make great gifts for Hen’s nights or girlfriends in needs of some fun. They are also great fun to make in groups as they can be produced quite quickly.