Inspiration: Magnificent Wales (Part 1)


There is nothing more inspiring to the creative life than travel. Colours, textures, sounds, sights, people all different and all jolt the senses and open your eyes to the new. Our recent stay of nine days in Wales was a visual feast, so opposite in colour and sights to Western Australia. The vibrant, jewel colours, the muted light, often against a grey sky, the cold, the mountains covered in green, stone walls, green fields with sheep greyed by mud, water, rain so much rain and the small winding roads leading to quaint little towns. Nothing could be more different to the flat, sun-drenched oceans and dirt, the massive blue skies and the heat that I am used to.

Beautiful Wales, captured my imagination with her vastness, deserted roads, and ancient ruins of castles, spattering the landscape.  A language impossible to pronounce, that sounds like a song being sung and seems that it would be difficult to sound bitter or even bored.  The people so friendly I made acquaintances and had good, long conversations in many towns.  Wales has inspired revivals, poems and music, and it’s not difficult to see why.

wales3 wales2 wales4wales5wales6wales7wales13


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Inspiration: Anya Brock



Being an art teacher, an artist, a crafter, running a craft blog and a mother, the creative cup can get pretty empty. The constant demands upon me creatively can be seriously taxing. But as with every trade there are tricks that you learn along the way. There are failsafe ways to keep your creative cup full to overflowing that each artist or creative must discover, largely through trial and error. I have found several ways to keep my cup full. One of these is to surround myself with other creative people. Most of my friends are artists, fashion designers, art teachers, painters, writers and musicians. I love talking art, fashion, jewellery, painting, music with them.

Apart from being around my friends, I also fill the well by keeping abreast of art in Perth and going to exhibition openings and going to listen to live music that I think will be promising. I also love supporting other artists. So, Friday evening was a great night where we did both. First, we went to see Anya Brock’s exhibition opening, Unplanned at PS Art Space in Fremantle.

Brock is a young Fremantle artist who is known for her bold, colourful paintings cockatoos and birds. These are breathtaking. But this exhibition was a return to her roots of using bold geometric design. Her designs remind me so much of the design work of Australian fashion designers Sass and Bide. The balance and use of colour is amazing. The pieces have a contemporary, tribal feel to them. In fact, Brock is covered in tribal tattoos herself and said that she is drawn to them. I loved her paintings.  They are fun, imaginative, wistful and remind me of doodling on a pad while talking on the phone.

anyabrock7 anyabrock8 anyabrock9

anyabrock5 anyabrock6anyabrock10


Inspiration: Weekend in the Forest

forest1 forest2 forest3I take any opportunity to get out of the city and into the country.  The West Australian country is beautiful.  Mostly it is huge distances, big blue skies and red dirt.  But there are pockets of lush forest.  Some of the biggest forests are found about four to five hours drive south of Perth.  The Karri trees are huge and ancient and provide a green and lushness that we don’t get in Perth, a more beachy and hot, dry place.

Down south, whatever is planted, grows.  Spring is beautiful in these tiny towns, where people take time in their gardens and fill them with colourful flowers.  Our recent weekend away left us feeling renewed, connected, refreshed and ready to keep bringing it every day.

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Inspiration: Island Design (Part 3)


This is the third and final post titled Island Design, a collection of inspiring photos from our recent ten days’ holiday on a few tiny, Indonesian islands.   Our first post is here and you can read our second post here.  The handiwork, the traditional pottery, the woodcarving, use of colour, patterns was so inspiring that we wanted to share them with our readers.

The colourful patterned photos below come from a Hindu temple, which was situated next to the former house of the ruling monarch (now a tourist attraction only).  The temple and former residence are extremely old.  Maybe 2000 years old.  It was very hard to find any information as no-spoke English and there were no other Westerners in the vicinity.

In our travels, the use of the colour blue seemed to be very prevalent.  Building and homes, in particular, were painted all different shades of blue from  bright to a turquoise to a really green-blue.  They stood out like gems amidst a lot of noise, dust, dirt, rubbish, stray animals and chaos.



island11 island12 island13island2 island4 island5 island6 island7

Spooky (Last Minute) Halloween Inspiration


Here are our last minute Halloween ideas, to create a stylish and spooky Halloween.  These are our top picks from the myriad of Halloween tutorials and ideas on the Internet.  And of course we included our two tutorials from this year.  Our spider web tutorial can be found here.  And our angel wings tutorial can be found here. Other links can be found below.




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Spider Web. Glass Shard + Blood CupcakesBlack Ravens. Gold Pumpkins. Blonde VampireZombie Girl. Grenadine Syringe DrinksDevil CupcakesAngel Wings.

Inspiration: Island Design (Part Two)


Selamat Pagi! This is the second post from our recent ten days spent on a few tiny Indonesian islands. We were totally inspired by the simplicity of design and the natural materials used. The use of everyday materials such as wood, sand, bamboo, banana leaves etc was amazing. The beauty was raw and not overthought. The effect was calming and light.

If you would like to read our first post on Island Design, it is here. And come back next week for our third Island Design post.  The next one is a little different and more colourful.









Inspiration: Island Design


Selamat Pagi! Sorry for our week-long absence. We have been snorkelling, relaxing and soaking up the sun on a few tiny Indonesian islands. While we were there, we were so inspired by the simplicity of island design, the natural materials, the simple lines, the use of renewable resources, the beauty of structures on the island and the no-fuss way of island life.



islandlife3 islandlife14


islandlife13 islandlife8 islandlife10

islandlife5 islandlife7 islandlife4

We have returned to Perth feeling very inspired to create simple lines and spaces. Also very thankful to live three hours’ flight from Indonesia with its beautiful people and breathtaking landscape. This week we will be straight back into OHC business. We will be posting some more Halloween posts and some food + more photos of Indonesia.


Spring Picnics


This post is a blast from the past for OHC (from 2010)…..  Everybody loves a spring picnic and outdoors is the perfect setting for a springfood gathering.

Tips for a Wonderful Spring Picnic:

  • No fuss.  Whole foods are so easy to take. Keep it simple.
  • Edible flowers are a perfect addition to any picnic.
  • Our rolls are filled with ……  fetta cheese, baby tomatoes, edible flowers, semi sundried tomatoes, dressing.
  • Chocolate is great for spring,  chocolate in summer in Australia melts.  By Christmas chocolate melts in five minutes.
  • Backpacks are perfect for picnics on a bike.
  • Bring a lightweight blanket for your picnic.  Less carrying + less fuss = more fun.

springpicnic9 springpicnic2 springpicnic3 springpicnic4springpicnic8springpicnic6springpicnic10springpicnic11