How To: Day of the Dead Flower Headband (Last-Minute)


This tutorial is for a very quick and inexpensive headband.  We made it for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), but of course it can be worn just for everyday as well, if you like.  If you are after another Flower Crown, look here.

This headband takes about 10 minutes to make and costs about ten minutes or less to make.  So it will be easy to make one before your Day of the Dead celebration.



Thin wire (or floristry wire)

15 or more fabric flowers in bright colours (pull or cut off stems0

1 headband

Wire cutters (or scissors)


1. Cut 15 x 20cm/8″ pieces of wire.

2. Attach the wire to the flowers by wrapping it around the stalks.


3. Another method for attaching wire is to make a few loops in the wire and push them into the middle of paper flowers.

Dayofdead54. Wrap the wires around the headband, making sure that you vary the colour and size.

5. Continue wrapping the flowers next to each other onto the headband.


Dayofdead8Wear the headband with the sugar skull makeup.  The makeup is really easy to do. Here is a quick How To. Use makeup crayons for a great result.

1. White out the face leaving the eye sockets.

2. White out the mouth.

3. Paint black rings around the eyes.

4. Paint black onto the nose to make it look like a skull.

5. Paint black scrolls onto each side of the forehead with a heart in the middle.  Colour the heart red.

6. Paint scrolls on the jaw with a heart on the chin (the same as the forehead) Colour the heart red.

7. Paint dots of red and black surrounding the eye sockets.

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Spooky (Last Minute) Halloween Inspiration


Here are our last minute Halloween ideas, to create a stylish and spooky Halloween.  These are our top picks from the myriad of Halloween tutorials and ideas on the Internet.  And of course we included our two tutorials from this year.  Our spider web tutorial can be found here.  And our angel wings tutorial can be found here. Other links can be found below.




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Spider Web. Glass Shard + Blood CupcakesBlack Ravens. Gold Pumpkins. Blonde VampireZombie Girl. Grenadine Syringe DrinksDevil CupcakesAngel Wings.

How To: Spider Web (Halloween Tutorial No.2)


If you would like a look at our first Halloween tutorial, here it is: Angel Wings.  Here is our second Halloween tutorial for this year.  These came about as a sort of accident.  We are having a little love affair with God’s Eyes at the moment and just started playing, knew we needed another Halloween tutorial…. and voila.

These make great Halloween decorations and can be hung on the wall or hung from the roof.  They look really effective en masse.  They take very few materials and are very inexpensive to make — always a bonus.


3 sticks

Black yarn



1. Tie the three sticks together in the middle, wrapping them a few times and securing with a knot.


2. Open the sticks and wind the thread around the middle of each of the sticks, so that they stay apart more easily.

spiderweb33. Weave the sticks with the yarn in the same way as you make a God’s Eye.  It is really simple.  Weave the thread over one stick and around, then under the next stick and around.


4. Continue the weaving, over and around one stick, then under and around the next.  Unlike the God’s Eye, leave gaps in between each weave so that it begins to look like a spider’s web.



spiderweb75.The weaving doesn’t have to be perfect.  It looks more authentic and interesting if it’s not.  When you reach the end, tie a knot and you’re done.

How To: Angel Wings



This post is the first in our Halloween Tutorials Series.  We will be posting more Halloween tutorials for the next four weeks, to make costumes, decorations and food.  These tutorials are also useful for dress-up parties through the year.  These angel wings also make lovely wall decorations when not being used as costumes.

These angel wings are lovely and otherwordly.   They are made from paper.  Their lightness makes them easy to attach to clothes to wear to a fancy dress party.



1 sheet white card

2 sheets silver tissue paper

Floristry wire

Craft/ PVA Glue


Wire cutters (or strong scissors)

Paint brush


1. Draw outline of wings onto the card and cut out.   We drew these freehand but you can easily Google ‘angel wings’, print them out and enlarge on a photocopier.


2. Using your cut out wings as a template, cut out two more sets of wings from the silver tissue paper.


3. Draw the veins onto one side of the  wings with a pencil. Make the lines curved and sweeping downwards.  At the bottom the veins can be sweeping outwards.


4. Turn the paper over and apply glue to it this side.  Carefully stick the tissue paper to this side.  This will become the underside of the wings

5. Turn your wings over to the side with the veins. Paint glue onto each of the veins.

6. Wait a few minutes until the glue has become tacky.  Bend and cut the floristry wire to the same size and shape as the veins and stick them onto the glue.


7. Wait for the veins to stick down properly onto the wings.  Apply glue to the whole side of the card and stick down the silver tissue onto it.


8, Paint glue onto the wings and sprinkle the silver and gold glitter onto the wings.  We painted glue into the middle, coming outwards and up the veins of the wings.


8. Score the middle of the wings.

9. Bend the wings so that they sit facing outwards.  The florist wire allows you to sculpt the paper.

angelwings1210. Attach the angel wings to your clothes.  This can be done in a number of ways. You can use safety pins.  We used Velcro. We lightly tacked Velcro onto the back of the dress and then stuck Velcro onto the middle part of the wings.  This holds perfectly because the wings are so light and breezy.