DIY: Fabulous Fringe


This fringing is the easiest thing to do but it looks so awesome and can make a plain jumper (Aussie for sweater) look a million dollars. It is good for both summer and winter weight sweaters. This fringing took more than an hour but not much longer. It was relaxing to do and we love the finished product. The jumper is a very inexpensive cotton jumper from Target. You can use the same technique to add a fringe around the bottom hem of a jumper or on a pillow, a cushion, a tablecloth. It is very versatile.



1 jumper


Cotton or acrylic yarn for the fringe

Large upholstery needle


1. Cut about twenty pieces of yarn to begin with.  Ours are about 20cm long to begin with.

2. Thread a piece of yarn onto the needle by doubling it over. Do it this way so you can remove the needle easily.


3. Starting right near the armpit of the jumper, push the needle through from the back to the front, just above the bottom seam of the jumper arm.  Obviously this jumper is easy to do because of the large holes it has.


4. Once the needle is through, remove it.


5. Open the thread into a larger loop, then push the ends of the yarn through the it.


6. Pull the threads down and tight. This secures them onto the jumper.


7. Repeat these steps along the bottom of both jumper sleeves.


8. When the yarn has been attached down the both sleeves, you are ready to start knotting, To knot start with the second thread. Tie the second thread and the third thread with a knot, a few centimetres under the sleeve. Continue knotting down the whole sleeve, the threads which are side by side until you reach the end. Repeat this step for the next sleeve.


9. To complete the second row of knotting take the first piece of yarn and tie it to the second. Continue this until you have done a second line of knots along both arms.


We hope you like the completed jumper. We love it and are envisaging evenings at the beach wearing it, maybe with a glass of wine, after a swim watching the sun disappear over the Indian Ocean. If you like, Please Pin It and if you like us then Like Us on Facebook and tell your mates. Join us for a few last minute NYE cocktails recipes and fun in the next few days.



How To: Colour Burst Necklace

fabric necklace title

We are busily making Christmas presents at ohc headquarters. This is a great little tutorial and these necklaces are so easy to make. We are making about ten of these little beauties. The inspiration for these came from my love of Camilla caftans that I love so much with their unapologetic bold colours and almost Bollywood sense of extravagance. They are really quick when you do them all at the same time as it is easy to get into the swing of it. These necklaces can be decorated with jewels, feathers, tassels, beads or anything. We have yet to adorn the rest of ours.

This tutorial also contains a very neat little trick my mama taught me years ago for turning tubes of material to the right side out with no fuss at all.

fabric necklace1


10cm/4″ Cotton Voile (other cottons may be too thick and are not as easy to tie)
Piece of cord same length as fabric
Safety pin
Wooden beads
Sewing machine & Thread


1. Cut a 10cm/4″ strip of fabric

fabric necklace2

2. Put strip of fabric, right sides facing. Use safety pin to secure the cord inside the strip of fabric, to one end.

fabric necklace3

3. Sew a seam down the open edge of the fabric, encasing the cord inside it.

fabric necklace4

4. Begin to pull the cord through the open end, making sure that the safety pin is tucked inside.

fabric necklace5

5. Pull the cord the whole way through, and watch the fabric turn in on itself and turn right side out. Magic! and a serious time-saving little trick. Remove the safety pin and pull out the cord.

fabric necklace6

6. Place a bead inside the tube of fabric at the centre point and tie two knots on either side of it.

fabric necklace7

7. Continue placing the beads one after another inside the material, separating them each with a single knot.

fabric necklace8

8. When you have finished, leave a space at both end of the beaded fabric. Tie the ends into a simple knot to complete.
fabric necklace9

Adorn these necklaces with anything you like. Little fabric flowers could look fantastic also. We adorned one of our with crystals, a gemstone and a tassel.

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fabric necklace11

How To: A Simple Tassel (for necklaces, presents, clothing, anything)


This is a really simple tutorial but is a useful little trick to keep coming back to. Tassels can be made from wool, cotton, leather, anything. They are a very inexpensive way to decorate and can be used to make stunning bracelets, necklaces, wreaths and more. A simple tassel like this takes about five minutes to whip up! Seems that we are into tassels for this Christmas with our tassel necklace, tassel garland, Christmas wreaths and Advent Calendar.



Dressmaking scissors

Wool, thick embroidery thread, cotton

1 small piece of card (a piece of a cereal box would be perfect)


1. Cut a piece of card to the length you’d like. The tassel will end up about 1″/2.5cm shorter than this. Drape a piece of string over the card to begin.


2. Wrap a piece of string around the card until the tassel is as thick as you would like.


3. Cut another piece of string. Wrap it through and around the top of the tassel while it is still on the card, tie a secure knot and leave two pieces at the end for tying your tassel to something.


4. Remove the tassel from the card.


5. Tie another piece of string onto the tassel and wrap it several ties to secure the tassel. Secure this with a simple knot.

tassel6 tassel7

6. Cut the tassel at the bottom to the length your desire. Snip off the stray threads.


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How To: Tassel, Bone & Diamante Necklace


We love this gorgeous necklace.  It is casual enough for a beach lifestyle and can be dressed up.  It is adjustable and can be made shorter or longer to suit your outfit.  When we choose what to make, we need to make sure that it fits our outdoor, beachy lifestyle.  And this does.   Tassels are gorgeous and there will be more tassel jewellery coming soon.  For another jewellery idea check out our rope and pearl necklace tutorial.

This necklace is simple to make and would make a lovely gift for a birthday or Christmas.  It is simple to make, partly because it doesn’t use a clasp.

bonenecklace16Materials + Toolsbonenecklace1

1 pair flat-nosed pliers

1 pair round-nosed pliers

1 pair wire cutters

4 eye pins

1.2m silver chain

8 silver filled beads

8 Swarovski diamonte rondelles

1 faceted stone (hole in centre)

3 bone cylinders

Thick cotton embroidery thread

1 jewellery cap

1 small piece of silver wire (or you can cut an eyepin for this)


1. Stack first eyepin.  Filler bead, then rondelle, then stone, then rondelle, then filler bead (as in photo below).


2. Cut the eyepin with your wire cutters to a thumb-width above the end of the stack. Use your round-nosed pliers to make a loop on the top.  Open the loop and attach the two ends of your chain, then close it.  You now have a pendant dangling from the end of your chain.


3. Stack your 3 bone cylinders onto 3 eyepins.  First stack the filler bead, then rondelle, then rondelle, then filler bead.


4. Cut the eyepins with your wire cutters to a thumb-width above the end of the stack.  Use your round-nosed pliers and make a loop on each.  Both ends now have loops.


5. Open a loop on the end of the bone stack and attach it to your chain a small way up from the stone.  Close the loop to attach it.  Open the chain on the other side and attach it in the same way.


6. Attach all of the bones in the same way, the same distance apart.  You may have to play around with the distances until you find one you like.  Our bones are placed 5cm apart from each other.  The necklace part is now complete.


7. To make the tassel, take the thread and wrap it several time around your fingers.


8. Take a piece of wire and wrap it around the thread, then wrap one end of the wire around the other piece of wire.  Using your flat-nosed pliers to do this will make it easier.


9. Push the wire through the cap.  Cut in a thumb-width above the cap and make a loop using your round-nosed pliers.

10. Using your flat-nosed pliers, pen the loop on top of the tassel and join it to the loop on the bottom of the gemstone.  Close the loop.


11. Hang your completed necklace around your neck and knot the wire chain at the back so that it hangs to the desired length.


A photo of our beautiful local beach on the day we made the necklace.  Looking forward to summer.


How To: Paris T-shirt


We are really looking forward to our January holiday to Paris. We have seen some gorgeous simple Paris tshirts around the Net and thought it would be really easy to recreate one. And it is. This tutorial should only take a small amount of time to complete, but there are a few tricks to making it look good. After all, everything produced is about the finish.


1 tshirt (ours is a $14 tee from Target + the stripes make it easy to align the letters)

Iron-on varsity letters (Paris) (These are available at Fabric stores or on-line)



Needle and Black thread

Iron and cloth (teatowel)

paristshirt1 paristshirt2


1. Measure the middle of neck of your tshirt and place a pin to mark it.


2. Try on your t-shirt and mark the line where you would like the letters to sit on with a pin.   It is important to try it as it will suit each person differently according to your bustline, etc.


3. Place the “R” onto the tshirt first.  To do this find your pin which shows you where the middle of the neckline is and pin the middle of the “R” onto the middle of the tshirt, and onto the parallel line you have chosen.


4. Working outwards from the “R”, place the other letters onto the tshirt, making sure that the spaces are the same.  Use a ruler to do this if it is easier.

5. Cover the letters with an old tea towel or other cloth. turn the iron up to the Cotton setting (or follow the instructions on the letter packaging) and spend a few minutes ironing them until they are stuck to the tshirt.


6. (This step is optional but it may be necessary as we find that after one wash most varsity letters fall off, all or part of the way.)  Thread your needle with black thread and using a single thread sew around each letter with a simple stitch (up and down).  On the letters we used there is a groove on the outside which makes it easy to sew them down.


And, there is your simple, perfect Paris tshirt which should withstand washing and ironing for a long time.  Time for the beach.  If you like this, please Pin It and if you like One Hour Craft, like us on Facebook and pass the word onto your friends.  Thanks.

We also have more Inspiration posts, diy tutorials and delicious wholefoods recipes coming this week.


How To: Make a Gorgeous Flower Crown



This tutorial shows you how to make this simple flower crown.  At OHC we love headgear of any type.  But this flower crown is a favourite.  These are not only for children but are a great accessory for a wedding, party, costume party or music festival.  Really, any chance you get to wear it is great.  This is a post from the past, taken from the original OHC in 2007.   In2013, we still love it just as much.

This flower crown is simple to make and only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.  You could use different coloured flowers and even coloured wire.  Your imagination is the only limit.


Silver wire

Wire Cutters

Flat-nosed jewellery pliers

A few bouquets of silk or fabric flowers (available at craft stores and home décor stores)



1.  Measure the wire around your head and cut a piece of wire with about 20cm/8in extra.

2. Mould the wire into a circular shape.  To secure the crown, twist the wire back over itself (as in photo below).


3. Separate the flowers from their bouquet.  Leave the wire attachments on.


4. Take a flower and place it facing outwards on the wire.  Twist its wire tightly around the crown to secure it.


5. Continue twisting the flowers around the crown, placing them next to each other so that the wire is covered.


When you have covered the entire wire with flowers, you now have your flower crown.


How To: Patchwork Jeans Inspired by Junya Watanabe




junyazerozeroWe love Junya Watanabe.  He started off his career designing for Comme des Garcons and then moved on to work on his own label.  His creations are fun, colourful, edgy and simply amazing. His 2013 Fall Collection was still inspired by his trademark biker leather jackets but he spent this season re-configuring denim.

These patchwork jeans inspired this tutorial. Before you begin, please note that the average sewer will take longer than an hour to make these.  We suggest setting aside two or three hours to make these. The time consuming part was balancing the colours to make them look fabulous. Sewing these is simple, and addictive. At OHC headquarters we will be making more. Maybe we will make some shorts for our upcoming summer.



1 pair boyfriend jeans

Dressmaking Scissors

Sewing machine, threaded

5 Assorted tartan fabric scraps

Iron-on interfacing

Baking paper



Method For Making Tartan Patches

1. Cut out five (or more) different sized square and rectangular pieces of baking paper.   We used our guillotine for this.  A ruler, pencil and scissors will work just the same.


2. Place the pieces onto the jeans until you are happy with the arrangement.  At this stage you may have to re-cut the pieces.  When placing them, some pieces should be at angle to each other.  Colours should be balanced.


3. Pin the patches onto the materials and cut them out, leaving a seam allowance

4. Cut out iron-on interfacing, using the pieces of baking paper again.  No seam allowance needed.

5.  Iron the iron-on interfacing onto the patches.

6. Cut off the corners of each fabric patch (as in the photo below).


7. Fold the fabric edges down (wrong sides facing) and iron down.


8. Arrange your completed patches onto the jeans in the desired pattern.


Method For Sewing Patches onto Jeans

1. Pin the patches onto the jeans in the desired pattern.

2.Turn the jeans inside out.

3. Unpick the outside seam (or whichever is the single seam so that it is easy to close again).  Only unpick the part where the patches will be sewn.

4. Turn the jeans right side out again.

5. Sew the patches onto the jeans using a straight stitch and pivoting the needle at each corner.  This takes time and it is best to go slowly so that the patches don’t buckle.  Sew the patch that will be on the bottom first, then the top layers.

6. Turn the jeans inside out again and sew both seams together using a straight stitch.  Two lines of sewing will make them stronger.

Voila, your gorgeous jeans.  If you like you can sew patches onto the back of the jeans in the same way.


Note:  Styling is important for wearing these jeans.  They look great with a statement belt, rolled at the bottom and finished with a gorgeous pair of pumps.

How To: Sew Sexy Ribbon Panties


Another blast from the past, 2007, that was two years after our site had started.  On the former OHC site, this panty tutorial was visited more than 200,000 times.  So we thought it would be a good idea to put it back up again. They are still as fun today as they were then.

These are very simple and easy to make…. They will take you less than an hour if you are already a seamstress.  If not, they should not take you more than about an hour.



Tshirt material (you could even use an old tshirt)

2m of underwear elastic (other elastic may cut off your circulation, underwear elastic is soft).


Dressmaking scissors

Sewing machine, threaded

An old pair of panties that fit you to draft a pattern from

Baking paper


1. Thread your sewing machine and set it to the broken zigzag stitch.


2. Take a pair of panties that fit you and draft a pattern (one piece as in the photo below) onto a piece of baking paper.

3. Pin your pattern onto the tshirt material and cut it out (no seam allowance is needed).

4. Cut out an extra piece of tshirt material in the shape of the crotch of the panties.

5. Pin the crotch piece onto the panty piece, wrong sides facing.  Sew the crotch piece onto the panty piece with two rows of zigzag stitching (as in the photo below).


6. Start at one corner and sew the underwear elastic onto the panty piece using the zigzag stitch.  Be careful not to pull the elastic tight, just hold it gently as you sew.


7. When you arrive at a corner, fold the elastic, pivot the needle and continue to sew.

8. Continue to sew until the elastic is sewn onto all edges of the panty piece.


9. Cut four pieces of ribbon and sew them with the machine onto each corner of the panties.

10. Tie ribbons into two bows.

11. If you would like to add the heart, cut out a heart shape and sew it to the outside of the crotch of the panties.


These panties make great gifts for Hen’s nights or girlfriends in needs of some fun. They are also great fun to make in groups as they can be produced quite quickly.