One Hour Craft was begun in 2006 by Maria Binns, a jewellery designer, art teacher, avid sewer and designer.

One Hour Craft provided psychology research paper topics photo tutorials best custom writing services for making crafts that were stylish, fun crafts that can be completed in less than an hour. It was aimed at the busy lady who has very little time for long projects but loves to use her creativity to create something unique.

One Hour Craft quickly became very popular and has always maintained a very strong readership base.

Six months after One Hour Craft began, Maria wrote articles for New York magazines Bust and Venuszine.

At the same time, One Hour Craft had come to the attention of two big publishing firms in New York and London and Maria was offered two book deals within a week of each other. Maria chose to have her first book, One Hour Craft published in London by A & C Black. One Hour Craft was published in 2010 and has been released in UK, USA, Canada and Australia. It is distributed by Penguin and is also available on many internet bookstores, including Amazon and Book Depository.

And now……

One Hour Craft is back. Our main business to produce photo tutorials on a wide range of crafting topics.

We work on creative collaborations with companies that embody the same ethos as us;  living a simple, chic, creative life, respecting the earth, loving the ocean and everything about it, giving back as much as possible and treasuring family, whole organic foods, gluten-free baking, natural fibres, beautiful textiles and the art of living.

Our Ethos

Why One Hour Craft?  A preference for beautiful, quality handmade goods, homemade delicious foods, a desire for natural chemical-free homecare, skincare products and a love of one-off jewellery and sewn goods PLUS a major lack of time, and One Hour Craft was born.  All of the contributors for One Hour Craft, are artists in their own regard.  They are jewellery designers, painters, art teachers, textile artists and avid cooks.


We love organic (when we can) wholefoods.   All of our recipes are made from basic ingredients.  They are mostly gluten-free.  Many are allergen-free.  There may be some raw foods but we do not follow a raw food diet.  Our diet consists of mainly fresh vegetables (cooked and some raw).  We eat fish more than other meats, and chicken more than red meat.  We try to source our fish and meat from ethical sources and eat only pastured meat, including chicken.  We aim to only eat ethically sourced fish.  We don’t do fad diets or fast foods. We are committed to eating food that is homemade, contains as little sugar as possible and as much goodness as can be put onto a plate.  We aim to make our plate as colourful as possible and our food delicious.

Skin Care Products

We believe that if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your face.  All of the skincare product tutorials on this site are homemade and contain only the best (mostly organic) edible ingredients. They are chemical-free and are therefore not only better for you and your family, they are also more gentle on Mother Earth.  Your skin will love you for giving up using harsh chemicals and will continue to glow for a long time.

Home Care Products

We do not use chemicals in our home.  All of the home products such as cleaning products, room sprays, linen sprays we make on this site are made with all natural (many organic) ingredients.  All of our products smell delicious, do their job and will not harm you or your loved ones.  We love making our own home products from natural ingredients.


We aim to use mostly natural fibres in our sewing tutorials.  You will find a lot of cotton, silk, hessian, linen.  We will use sticks, rocks, sand etc.  We have been heavily influenced by the teachings of Rudolph Steiner.


Nature inspires us.  We live a typical West Australian outdoors, beach lifestyle.  Our children play at the beach every day.  We treat the beach as our backyard and spend a lot of time on, in our near the water.  We love to ride our bikes as much as we can.  We love camping and outdoor cooking.  Trips down south to the beach or to the forrest regenerate us.   We respect Mother Earth and her fragile beauty. We are committed to sustainability and recycle and reuse materials whenever possible.

We are interested in collaborating and working with like-minded companies and individuals.  We share links and recommendations only to companies whose ethos and aesthetic we share, companies we admire both for their style and their dedication to minimalist and environmentally-friendly living.

In the near future we will be producing E-books on a variety of crafting projects.  These will be for sale on our site.

Stay tuned for a future of food shared with loved ones, beach-inspired living, simple, chic dressing and a commitment to living life to the full …..at One Hour Craft.

The OHC Team